Bonfire, John McCrae 's war horse

Susan Raby-Dunne

Lives in the foothills of southwestern Alberta where her obsession with WWI generally, and John McCrae, specifically, continues. She is a mother, historian, composer, poet, screenwriter, world traveler and three-decades-plus motorcycle enthusiast.

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Bonfire - The Chestnut Gentleman

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Bonfire - The Chestnut Gentleman

Monday Morning Writers Group

Contact information is:
Susan Raby-Dunne

P.O. Box 237
Longview, Alberta

Bonfire - The Chestnut Gentleman

The true story of John McCrae's journey through WWI, as told by his war horse, Bonfire. -by Susan Raby-Dunne ©2012

About the Book

Based on real events, this is the story of a bond between a soldier and a horse that could not be broken. It's also a story of the war that shaped Canada, and the powerful true events behind the writing of the poem, In Flanders Fields. The book contains 25 archival photos, including one never before published of John McCrae.

What others are saying

Enjoyed thoroughly. Loved it being told from the perspective of the horse. And shining through were the greatest virtues that living beings possess: friendship, loyalty, devotion. No Canadian can read this book without being inspired. Thanks for writing a superlative book about a great Canadian.

--Charles Adler, radio and television journalist

It's a great book. Lovely, lovely story and I really enjoy the POV of the horse.

--Julie Lacey, VP Creative Affairs, Shaftesbury Films (Producers of Murdoch Mysteries)

This is a tremendous accomplishment: a brilliant mix of research and creativity, rigour and art.

--Major General (ret'd) Ivan Fenton


Susan Raby-Dunne, author of The Bonfire Book

About the publisher and author

This is the second book from MMWG, a small, Alberta publishing group, and the second book by historian, writer and composer, Susan Raby-Dunne. Bonfire - The Chestnut Gentleman has almost seven years of research behind it as Raby-Dunne followed John McCrae’s footsteps from his birthplace in Guelph, Ontario to Salisbury Plain, England and the fields of Flanders in France and Belgium.